Top 5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2018 Reviews

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There are many reasons why you may prefer setting your own gym at home. It could be the lack of time to visit a commercial gym, the monthly membership fees or maybe you just lack the motivation to get out of the house. Nevertheless, whatever your reason, it is hopefully a good one. Another extremely important contributor to working out at home, however, is the increasing popularity of fitness DVDs, videos, and home fitness tools.

Adjustable dumbbells are one of the most popular and pricelessly convenient train-at-home tools. They constitute part of the most brilliant exercise innovations introduced in the industry. Adjustable dumbbells are affordable, storable and portable, and if you want to get the most out of your home gym, they have proved one of the best additions.

Top 5 best Adjustable Dumbells in 2018 Review

5. Weider SpeedWeight 100 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand

Weider SpeedWeight 100 (15-50 lbs.) Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Stand

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This Weider SpeedWeight 100 comes with a convenient weight stand and is one of the Weider home or gym dumbbell variety developed with modern technology that makes them a reputable name in this field. With its easy and fast adjustment, the dumbbell allows users to save a huge amount of space. This does not only make it easier to adjust the weights but also makes it great to place in your home gym.

It comes with a quick one-turn handle used to select up 8 weight settings ranging from 15lbs to 50lbs in 5lbs increments. It comes fitted with a free of charge stand and sets that have robust blocking system made of metal sliding. Its single bar design is obviously familiar with many people.

The Weider SpeedWeight 100 also brings with it sturdy handgrips to increase the user’s comfort and convenience when doing their routine sets. Their weight places are made of solid cast iron and each of the dumbbells comprises a storage rack eliminating any need to buy a separate one.

These Weiber dumbbells are useful to all those who use dumbbells in their workout regimes, but it is more useful to anyone who wants to switch from one weight to another. And again, its price is competitive. Taking into account all the attractive features, including the well-built stand, it is worth concluding that this dumbbell is worth its value.

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4. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells

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The Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells are designed for those who are either building a home gym or just looking for a perfect exercise equipment to help them achieve shaped arms, abs, legs, shoulders, and back. At first glance, the Bayou Dumbbells have a nice attractive, appealing modern design and chrome finish. They are simple yet cool, and easy to adjust from 10 pounds to 50 pounds via the adjustment knob in increments of 5lbs.

The Bayou dumbbells are specifically designed with nine sets of weights. Its simple design features four 2.5lbs plates on end of the chrome. You can select and change the weights by a simple turn of the knob and a slide of a pin on each side of the dumbbells. As the selected weight is lifted, the unselected ones stay right inside the specially made storage stay. Each dumbbell is held by a plastic base, which also provides a little sticker to help you remember your weight settings.

Bayou adjustable dumbbells have received very many positive reviews from those who have used it to progress to any weight resistance training without spending too much. In addition, it can be easily transformed into a light equipment for much easier curls or you can adjust it for a more engaging strength building exercises.

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3. Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells

Universal PowerPak Adjustable Dumbbells

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The Nautilus-made Universal Power Pak 445 adjustable dumbbells have been a fitness household name for over 40 years. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available in the market. Besides being a standard and respected name, the Universal dumbbell works on a dial system that enables you to adjust weights based on your preferred workouts. It also includes an ergonomically designed stand that stores or holds and, depending on your dial setting, releases the weights onto the dumbbell.

They adjust from 4 to 45 pounds in 5-poiund increments. The stands are all very well made and with their durable and comfortable thermoplastic rubber handles, the Universal Power Pak 445 can be said to be one of the best in the market. Using this adjustable dumbbell will enable you to perform over 30 different workouts for your legs, arms, and core areas. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty so you can replace any damaged piece with no extra costs.

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2. Ironmaster 75lbs Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells


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The Ironmaster Quick Lock 75lbs is the latest generation of adjustable dumbbells from the Ironmaster. It is one of the most recommended and is particularly suitable for upper hand workouts. The dumbbell’s technical capabilities, including the ability to adjust different weights during the workout, makes a must have for any modern gym. This Ironmaster dumbbell brings with it the significance of 30 pairs of dumbbells in the space of just one pair.

The handle’s Quick-Lock design can be used to easily and quickly add or remove plates with just a partial turn of the locking screws. The dumbbell also has extensive flat and stable inner solid collars enabling them to be very comfortable, something that’s quite unique from the other archaic dumbbells.

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1. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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Whether it is the 552 or 1090, most users describe Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells as a consistent piece that comes with an authentic traditional feel not easily realized in any other adjustable dumbbell. Bowflex has long been an industry leader when it comes to producing the quality home gym equipment having been in the industry for several years.

The dumbbells combine 15 different weights and adjust from 10lbs to 90lbs of weight in 5lbs increments. The settings are done at a convenient turn of the dial, allowing for a hassle-free workout. Both the 552 and 1090 are user-friendly and provide superior value for its cost. In addition, the company has chucked in two years free warranty as well as a free workout DVD to help you enjoy the power and functions of these great products. However, two additions may undoubtedly discourage serious lifters from Bowflex dumbbells – their lack of the stand, and the limited weight of 52lbs.

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Generally, the main goals of any workout routine are to make us lean, healthy and more active. So, depending on the adjustable dumbbell you decide to use from the five listed above, be assured that you will be getting an equipment that’s going to help you meet your fitness goal.

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2018 Reviews

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    Our innovative branch has decided to make you a calm person at home. And in fact, you don’t need to go the gym anymore. They have introduced dumbbells that are light, easy to move and don’t require a large space for you to have your practice sessions.

  2. check out SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells! We have pioneered the concept of rubber resistance for more than three decades ago. But SPRI is still considered the leading fitness industry in providing innovative, efficient, and professional quality solutions. It is because of this purpose that we are considered the best when it comes to offering the highest-quality products that are considered as the most prestigious training facilities that are trusted in the market. Very many people in the world depend on our products daily as part of their health and fitness routine. So don’t miss to buy them because they are the best for you to have.

  3. Check out these option:

    Tone Fitness 20-Pound Hourglass: This is a perfect addition to any strength training routine. When you use it, you are sure that you can improve your image, strength, muscle to fat ratio, bone quantity, and even your walking. These dumbbells are ‘hourglass’ shaped so that they give you that stylish look. It has been designed with a neoprene coating that will protect your floors from damage and give you a comfortable grip. For secure storage, a rack is also included.

    CAP Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbell: These are dumbbells that have soft contoured grips for easy handling. It is ideal for toning and sculpting arms, the back, and shoulders. The hexagonal shape is also well, so that prevents rolling and secure storage. You don’t have to worry about your floor anymore because these dumbbells have neoprene coating. You can purchase many of them because they are sold as each. They have no strong smell so no strong odors will be there in your units at all times.

    Bowflex SelectTech Sometimes you might need to get a good strength at home, but you don’t have enough space. Don’t worry anymore because our dumbbells are here to do you a good job. These are newly designed and innovated in the market that combines 15 sets of weights into one amazing product using a unique dial system. It has been rated as one of the most space efficient strength training options that are available with its unique design.

    CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex Dumbbell CAP Barbell combines the safety features of the six-sided, anti-roll, hexagonal design and the comfort of the ergonomic handgrips to form a durable dumbbell that is also efficient. Each one of them has a cast iron head and comes with a protective coating and contoured steel handles. There is no rubber odor associated with rubber coated dumbbells that the PVC coating has. You can also not be able to beat the price because it is the best that is out there on the market.

    1. Can’t compare with my recommendation below:

      CAP Barbell 40-pound Adjustable Dumbbell

      This 40-pound product includes two handles, four 2.5 pound plates, four 5-pound plates, four collars, and a plastic storage case. The set also features ergonomic grips, comfortable handles, and rubber trim collars. You don’t have to worry about iron plates because it has durable iron plates that have a semi-gloss trim finish. Those that have been wondered about collars here is the secret; they have been threaded for a secure fit to handles. Forget about rusting because that will not happen.

      CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell

      These are the most popular item to buy when you need a fitness exercising equipment. It is designed with high quality cast iron that makes them be the best items that you can find in the market. They are also very well made and won’t crack or chip easily while you use them. Even if the paint wears off, the characters are raised so that there won’t be any confusion as to what weighs what. You need to buy them and have them in your house because they are nice weights in the hand, and will make sure that they give you excellent grip and comfort when you are doing lifts.

      Dumbbell Set with Stand

      This is a great set that will add an aerobic workout to your room. This set includes one pair of 3, 5, and 8 lb dumbbells and one triangle shaped dumbbell storage rack. When you buy them, you will note that the dumbbells are made of solid steel with neoprene coating and easy to grip handles that will always ensure that your workout is not interfered with. They also have hexagonal shaped ends to prevent them from rolling on the floor. Indeed, this is the perfect set that is suitable for home use. It takes up little and the rack will make sure that they are organized and looking good always.

      Da Vinci Pair of Neoprene Dumbbells

      They are made of cast iron and are coated with neoprene for durability, comfort, and to help protect you, your floor, and other fitness equipment that is there in your premise in case it drops. This technique will provide a comfortable and sure grip that won’t slip due to sweat that may accumulate in your hands. They are the ideal fitness facilities for an athlete companion to help tone arms, shoulder, and back. The hexagonal shape also prevents them from any rolling when they are put away. They are sold in pairs so that you will have one package that can be used by both hands at the same time.

      1. CAP Barbell PVC Coated Dumbbell

      1. CAP Barbell PVC Coated Dumbbell
      Buy Now

      It is a product that incorporates commercial gym durability with the everyday use and affordability. Our designers made it from a solid cast iron that was followed by a protective black urethane coating. This is a sure way of preventing you from damaging your expensive and finished floors and equipment. The hexagon shaped dump heads are there to keep it from rolling as well as provide easier storage when you are not using them. One thing that makes them exceptional is that they have no smell or any greasy feeling. Buy them and celebrate your exercise sessions.

  4. Some people might think that we are bragging in the market, no way. We are the best, and our customers have ranked us as such. Now these dumbbells are one of the best that you can ever find in the market. They have a price that is affordable to all our customers. There is no health hazard when you have them and in fact, some have gone ahead to take caution of ensuring that no odor or bad smell is in your room. Don’t go anywhere because the best is here.

  5. For a few people, their morning isn’t morning until they do bit of exercise and workout. Furthermore, what can be preferred decision over dumbbells with regards to working out. In any case, there are plenty of decisions accessible with regards to acquiring dumbbells.

    So, it can be bit intense for you if you are not in a position to consult any expert gym trainer with your decision of buying best dumbbells. Try not to stress! We have consulted quantities of expert trainers and attempted to simplify a purchasing procedure for you as they have proposed some marvelous and robust dumbbells to suggest you.

  6. Whether it is the 552 or 1090, most users describe Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells as a consistent piece that comes with an authentic traditional feel not easily realized in any other adjustable dumbbell. Bowflex has long been an industry leader when it comes to producing the quality home gym equipment having been in the industry for several years.

    The dumbbells combine 15 different weights and adjust from 10lbs to 90lbs of weight in 5lbs increments. The settings are done at a convenient turn of the dial, allowing for a hassle-free workout. Both the 552 and 1090 are user-friendly and provide superior value for its cost. In addition, the company has chucked in two years free warranty as well as a free workout DVD to help you enjoy the power and functions of these great products. However, two additions may undoubtedly discourage serious lifters from Bowflex dumbbells – their lack of the stand, and the limited weight of 52lbs.

  7. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell are exceptionally simple and satisfying to the eye. Changing weights is quick and simple making it advantageous for workouts. The dumbbells are made of overwhelming obligation chromed steel development making them strong.

    Any exercises that should be possible with different dumbbells should be possible similarly also with Bayou Fitness dumbbells or some other dumbbells too. You are not restricted at all to the 30+ exercises recorded by Bayou Fitness.

    The Bayou Fitness BF-1050 adjustable dumbbell is a solitary dumbbell that can be balanced from 10 to 50 pounds. This single dumbbell will supplant five different dumbbells in the home gym, a significant sparing in both cash and storage room. It comes with its own particular uncommon stockpiling rack.

    The stand measures 15.6 creeps long and is 15.3 inches wide. The edges are designed in a manner that the dumbbells can’t roll when put on the floor. This arrangement of dumbbells accompanies a stand that is acquired differently.

    Dumbbells are ideal for the real muscles, for example, bear presses, crunches and leg raises for the stomach area, bicep twists and triceps kickback for the arms, squats for the gluteus, seat presses for the mid-section, the bowing one arm push for the back and stationary rushes and calf and toe raises for the legs.

    The 10-pound increment can be seen both decidedly and contrarily. On the positive side, it is perfect for experienced weightlifters. On the negative is that that a graduation of that size might be excessively much for the muscles.

  8. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells have good quality cast press development with strong chrome handles. Dumbbells are transported in two bundles and it incorporates 2 finished handles, 15 5-lb. plates, 4 pcs. 5-lb. collars, 4 2.5-lb. plates and 4 1.25-lb. plates.

    These two bits of gym hardware will permit you to do dang close to any exercise you have to workout at home and to do any sort of cutting edge quality preparing exercises you need to fulfill.

    Making these arrangements of adjustable Yes4All dumbbells considerably more prominent is that the dumbbell handles have a 1.25-inch distance across, which is a standard measuring that implies that you will have the capacity to effortlessly discover and purchase extra weight plates for them as you become more grounded and more grounded!

    These are exemplary adjustable dumbbells in shape and capacity. The segments are all strong, made up of cast iron plates, strong chrome handles, and turn bolt star collars.

    Yes4all offers a considerable amount of fitness rigging they generally it for sensible costs whereas the stock are best quality. Much the same as different adjustable dumbbells, this one too makes utilization of up little territory too.

    They are steady and strong and once in a while possess much space. Yes4All Collar Lock Dumbbells are flexible and offer both prepared and fledgling muscle heads a magnificent administration at a lower cost. They are steady and strong and once in a while possess much space.

  9. Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells are adjustable dumbbells that permit exercisers to effectively increase their lifting weights from 4 to 45 pounds for each weight.

    These dumbbells are awesome for individuals from simply beginning to wellbeing devotees. The stand is awesome and you will love the vibe of the weights. At this value, these dumbbells are justified regardless of each and every penny.

    Nautilus has more than 40 years’ involvement in the wellbeing and fitness industry therefore realizing that their items designed under one of their brands is sponsored by an organization who is a world pioneer in wellbeing and fitness will give you certainty to buy one of their items.

    The Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells are frequently contrasted with the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells as they are both designed by Nautilus. Them two are very much designed and genuinely tough for an adjustable dumbbell, the principle differences are that the Bowflex increases up to 52.5 lbs and the Power-Pak accompanies a stand.

    The dumbbells supplant 18 singular free weights in a solitary, space sparing framework. A fast turn of the dial alters the weight from 4 to 45 pounds in 5 pound increments. Every dumbbell can be balanced from 4 to 45 pounds with 5 increment. Henceforth, it has 9 weight settings.

    The cost of the Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells is very shoddy thinking of it as accompanies a stand too, the stand alone for the Bowflex SelectTech 552 and 1090 cost over $100!

  10. XMark Adjustable Dumbbells have the overwhelming obligation chromed steel development makes these dumbbells enduring and simple to utilize. Subsequent to checking on this item unmistakably it is a moderate decision if you are hoping to lift close to 50 pounds with every dumbbell.

    The base weight on the 25-pound max weight dumbbell sets is 5 pounds while the base weight on the 50-pound max weight dumbbells is 10 pounds. One of the favorable circumstances to the Xmark adjustable dumbbells incorporates the choice to buy a solitary dumbbell if fancied.

    XMark Fitness has clearly put a huge measure of thought and exertion into the development of their dumbbells. Furthermore, these dumbbells are developed from substantial obligation chrome covered steel, which is equipped for guaranteeing life span and strength. Every individual plate weights roughly 2.5 pounds.

    XMark has considered, when designing this bundle. The XMark 25-pound adjustable dumbbells are exceptionally compelling, solid and amazingly simple to utilize. In spite of the fact that the weight increments are marginally constrained, it is still conceivable to include or subtract 5 pounds from the weight, whenever.

    This arrangement of adjustable dumbbells will permit you to play out an assortment of different exercises, and they make it conceivable to target practically every gathering of muscles in your body. When you buy dumbbells, you get the opportunity to keep and utilize them always, and since they’re made out of strong metal, they ought to keep going for quite a long time.

  11. Ironmaster dumbbells have a snappy bolt framework designed by Ironmaster that lets you effectively change the weights. They are made of strong Iron and steel! There are no plastic parts to be broken on these dumbbells.

    Underneath the chromed hold, you have normal steel that is welded together. What’s more, to secure the weights there are locking screws on every side that weight 2.5 pounds each.

    The weighted plates themselves are genuine solid metal and are thin plates that come in increments of 2.5 pounds and go up in weight from that point. At the point when including the greater weighted plates, it’s best to put those on first and afterward include the littler plates.

    The dumbbells are overwhelming obligation, chrome covered handles with profound knurling. You will feel pleasant and strong in your grasp. The Quick-Lock framework they have designed for the dumbbells is very bright. Notwithstanding that, the weights themselves are square and are made to bolt together so they don’t turn around while you are lifting.

    The dumbbells can likewise be extended to bolster up to 165lb for each dumbbell however the official most extreme is 120lb for every dumbbell. Likewise, there have been a few additional items to the framework that truly grow the quantity of exercises you can manage without consuming up much room.

    Moreover, the weight stand is decent yet redundant, it benefits a vocation of keeping the weight plates all in one area.

  12. While picking the best adjustable dumbbells for yourself, you can browse turning locks, dials or sticks. There are additionally different styles of weights from plates to bars, and different stockpiling frameworks.

    There are couple of things which you ought to consider while purchasing dumbbells for you. Observe.


    You need the grip on your adjustable dumbbells to be agreeable to utilize, additionally solid. Simply recall that they are holding up the weight of the plates simply as are you, and less expensive styles will probably twist or potentially break after some time.

    The costlier dumbbells offer a particular elastic grip that is worked to maintain the trial of time and mishandle while giving solace and footing important to finish an extreme workout.


    The size of your adjustable dumbbell set ought to be one of the main contemplations you consider when making your buy. Additionally, there are proficient lifting sets that offer a wide assortment of plates and handlebars to increase the measure of decision you have in a workout.

    Weight Increments

    Adjustable dumbbells are gainful to some degree since they permit little adjustments in weight increments all in one bit of gear. Simply ensure that the dumbbell set you are thinking about considers both small and substantial weight adjustments.

    Ease of Adjustment

    Ensure that you settle on an adjustable dumbbell set that you will utilize. If paying a couple of extra dollars implies that you will use the hardware all the more, then go with the simpler to change assortment.


    You will put a couple of hundred dollars into this bit of gear yet ensure that you aren’t obtaining weight plates or a capacity framework that you don’t require.


    If you discover two brands are comparable in their offerings and have comparative client appraisals it may bode well to spare a couple of dollars and put resources into the less costly rendition. Simply make a point to audit things like the quality of the dumbbells, stand, and client benefit before settling on your official choice.

    Features and Extras

    Check the features and extras with the items. For instance, a few sets accompany a stand which makes the use considerably more agreeable. At a similar cost you can get a similar quality item, however with extras.

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