Top 10 Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Bluetooth Headphones in 2018 Reviews

Boom! The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are out. Well, that’s not all. What is yet to sink into the iPhone enthusiasts’ minds is that the use of wired headphones with iPhones is now a thing of the past. Owning an iPhone 7/7 Plus means no more use of the headphone jack. It sounds […]

Top 7 Best Portable Hotspots in 2018 Reviews Reviews

Huawei E5330Bs-2 21 Mbps 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Wi-Fi in coffee shops and public spaces may not work properly all the time. And, when traveling, having access to the Internet is very important. Having access to Internet brings about a number of advantages such as the ability to connect with your loved ones, stay updated with your work, be able to check Google […]

Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks in 2018 Reviews

By now, you must know the essence of owning a laptop in the modern world. A laptop plays a significant role in the life of any productive person including students, business persons, entertainment geeks, web geniuses, among others. Protecting your priceless laptop from all forms of damage, securing it from theft, carrying it and storing […]

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Stabilizers & Gimbals in 2018 Reviews

A question we get seem to get asked a lot is, “Do I need a camera stabilizer if my camera lens already has image stabilization built into its body?” and the answer is almost always a resounding YES! On rare occasions (like during the making of the 1999 film “The Blair Witch Project”) it is […]

Top 10 Best Digital Point & Shoot Cameras in 2018 Reviews

Digital point & shoot cameras are relatively more technologically advanced travel gadgets. Millions of people throughout the globe seek this kind of cams for multiple reasons. For instance, they boast compact designs which are travel-worthy. Also, they’re stylish and work incredibly well for photojournalists. Users particularly love their easy-to-use designs. The ease of maintenance and […]

Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboards for Iphone, Ipad & Android Phone/Tablet

Owning smart devices is the new trend among productivity and entertainment enthusiasts. It’s an everyday ordeal to see people with the latest iPhones, iPads, as well as the high-end Android/Windows phones or tablets. It could be tough to survive in the modern world without a smart device or PC. Connectivity with people across the globe […]

Top 7 Best Fingerprint Scanners in 2018

Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7/8/10.

Sometimes, digit passwords cannot fully protect valuable information on your devices from hackers. That is why there is really is a need for a new kind of security and identity confirmation. That is when biometric systems come into play. Recently, biometric systems such as fingerprint readers have become the new definition of high-level security. They […]

Top 10 Best Noise-Canceling Earbuds in 2018 Reviews

Did you know that most people today are adopting the habit of receiving and making calls via high-grade earbuds? Well, from the above statement, it’s clear that there is more to look out for in earbuds beyond elegance and excellent sound delivery. The ability of earbuds to cancel and block any occurring noise in the […]

Top 10 Best Camera Bags in 2018 Reviews

Carrying digital cameras is sometimes challenging, especially the larger and heavier ones. Also the fact that these gadgets demand a careful protection against shocks, water, dust, falls and scratches makes them need be carried in decent quality bags. Mostly, every camera manufacturer makes their own bags, but there are available alternatives, which are considerably better. […]